You hear a lot about a car’s exterior features, but what about the interior features?

If you’re choosing between vehicles, sometimes the interior features can make all the difference. In fact, the right interior car features can completely transform your overall driving experience.

Here at Humber Motors in Corner Brook and Stephenville, we know that interior features can matter just as much as what’s on the outside of your car.

If you have questions about car features, whether interior or exterior, we’re here to help. You can feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Meanwhile, take a look at some of our favorite interior car features, and keep them in mind when it’s time to shop for your next car.

Heated and Ventilated Seating

You know about heated seating. You’ve probably experienced it, too. You may even have it in your current car. When you’re driving during a Canadian winter, there’s nothing quite like heated seating to help you stay warm on the road.

But what about ventilated seating? Did you know that this was an option, too? While heated seating can keep you warm during those harsh winters, ventilated seating can make all the difference in the middle of the summer.

Some cars have both options, meaning that you can get the best of every season. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t get to drive comfortably during any time of year.

Touch Screen and Voice Technology

Depending on the age of your current car, you may still be fiddling with radio dials every time you go for a drive. It doesn’t have to be that way, though.

If you’re not currently using touch screen technology in your car, you’ll notice a big difference once you make the switch. Touch screen technology can help you keep your eyes on the road because the bigger, accessible buttons can be pressed quickly.

Add voice recognition technology into the mix, and you’ve got an even better option. This system comes in handy for both entertainment and navigation.


It’s a simple thing, but this interior feature can make a big difference for your passengers. This is especially important if you happen to take a lot of road trips or if you have a big family.

You don’t often think about legroom until you don’t have enough of it. When you do, though, it can mean the difference between an easy car ride and a car ride full of discomfort.

If you make sure that your car has enough legroom for the ride, your tall passengers will thank you.

Foldable or Retractable Seating

You don’t always need a lot of storage space for day-to-day driving. For many drivers, enough space for some backpacks, groceries, and maybe some hockey gear is enough.

However, every once in a while, you may find yourself in need of some extra space. Maybe you help a friend move houses, or you take a long vacation. In any case, this is when you need some extra room in your car.

Of course, you may not want to make a new car decision based on those rare moments, so is there a compromise?

Yes, if you have foldable or retractable seating. This is one of our favorite features here at Humber Motors.

This kind of seating moves out of your way when you need extra storage space. You have the seating when you need it, and you have the space when you need it. This way, you get the best of two worlds.


If you’ve never been in a car with a sunroof, you’d be amazed at what a difference it can make. A sunroof lets even more freshness and brightness into a car than the regular windows do.

For nature lovers or those who just need a little more sunshine in their lives, a sunroof can take a driving experience to new heights.

Rearview Camera System

While a rearview camera goes on the outside of a car, the Humber Motors team decided to include it on this list because of the screen inside the car.

This partially-interior feature gives you a much better view of what’s behind you than your regular mirror does. As a result, you can avoid potential dents, scratches, and collisions.

Drivers of all ages and experience levels have benefitted from rearview camera systems. Sometimes, a little extra visibility goes a long way.

Humber Motors of Corner Brook and Stephenville

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